A prize for thrillers without female victims divides opinion…

LONDON (AP) — It’s a chilling cliche of thrillers that women often end up abducted, abused or dead.

One writer is so sick of the violence that she has set up a book prize to reward crime novels “in which no woman is beaten, stalked, sexually exploited, raped or murdered.”

The Staunch Book Prize offers a 2,000 pound ($2,800) purse and is open to published and unpublished books alike.

London-based writer Bridget Lawless founded the contest last month after growing weary of violence against women being a “go-to motivator” in books, films and TV shows.

The contest has some writers and readers cheering, but others say it could deter authors from tackling tough issues. Scottish crime writer Val McDermid says “not to write about it is to pretend it’s not happening.”

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