Honey and hacorns and thistles: Author Stuart MacBride on his ‘favourite book of all time’…

Author: Stuart MacBride, 01 December 2017

Book Week Scotland runs until the 3rd December 2017.
This year the theme is Nourish.
To celebrate, Scots crime writer Stuart MacBride has written a piece on his favourite book… and it might surprise you!

IT should come as no surprise to anyone that books are by far the healthiest thing you can consume.

They don’t make you fat, have no history of causing heart disease, cancer, or type two diabetes, and they genuinely make you attractive to the opposite sex. That’s because they don’t just nourish our bodies, they nourish our souls.

New books, old books, thin books, fat books, novellas and doorstops, they’re all good for us. They build understanding and empathy and character. Books! Books! Books!

But then I would say that, wouldn’t I? I make my living writing the things, so I’m hardly going to tell people they’re evil sinful things. Even if they were (which they’re not).

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Signed Harry Potter first edition to go up for auction as part of Book Week Scotland…

The online charity auction is part of Book Week Scotland, with proceeds going towards the Scottish Book Trust’s programmes.

Signed Harry Potter book (Book Week Scotland)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets has been signed by author JK Rowling and is sure to be a popular item among fans looking for a piece of Potter magic.

Also on offer is the chance to win a portrait from illustrator Chris Riddell, who was the 2015 – 2017 UK Children’s Laureate and also a political cartoonist for the Observer.

Chris will produce a portrait illustration of the winning bidder, or someone of their choosing, creating a unique keepsake or a wonderful gift.

Other items up for grabs include the opportunity for an unpublished writer to receive advice on getting published from leading literacy agency, Jenny Brown Associates.

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Which individuals have sponsored a professional club’s shirt?

“Guitar-toting indie tyro Jake Bugg is sponsoring Notts County’s kit throughout November. Is this the first time an individual has been a professional club’s shirt sponsor?” poses Gregg Bakowski.

“Gregg Bakowski need not have been a detective to find at least one previous instance of an individual personally sponsoring a strip,” quips Raith Rovers fan Iain Wallace. “Crime writer Val McDermid was Raith’s primary strip sponsor for two seasons from 2014 and her name remains emblazoned above our away stand (in memory of her father, a club scout). She also only recently stepped down from the board of directors.”

Val McDermid poses with her valmcdemid.com Raith Rovers shirt. Photograph: SNS Group Craig Foy/SNS Group

Several Knowledgeable folk have written in to point out the very same fact, thank you George Cook, Niall MacGalloway and Iain Wallace.

“Sheffield Wednesday have been sponsored by individuals on two separate occasions. Currently by Dejphon Chansiri their tuna chairman and also by some bloke called Mr Tom!” Whilst Putu Winchester is correct about Mr Chansiri, Mr Tom is a delicious peanut-based snack bar (other peanut-based snack bars are available and they may or may not be delicious). The Chansiri sponsorship was also spotted by Peter Russell.

Along the same lines as Mr Chansiri, Nick Turnbull highlights a similar circumstance at Ipswich: “Marcus Evans has been sponsoring Ipswich Town since he bought the club, which has always seemed slightly bizarre to me.” Not quite sure what Nick considers bizarre, Evans buying Ipswich or putting his name on the shirt.

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