Honey and hacorns and thistles: Author Stuart MacBride on his ‘favourite book of all time’…

Author: Stuart MacBride, 01 December 2017

Book Week Scotland runs until the 3rd December 2017.
This year the theme is Nourish.
To celebrate, Scots crime writer Stuart MacBride has written a piece on his favourite book… and it might surprise you!

IT should come as no surprise to anyone that books are by far the healthiest thing you can consume.

They don’t make you fat, have no history of causing heart disease, cancer, or type two diabetes, and they genuinely make you attractive to the opposite sex. That’s because they don’t just nourish our bodies, they nourish our souls.

New books, old books, thin books, fat books, novellas and doorstops, they’re all good for us. They build understanding and empathy and character. Books! Books! Books!

But then I would say that, wouldn’t I? I make my living writing the things, so I’m hardly going to tell people they’re evil sinful things. Even if they were (which they’re not).

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