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23 hours ago

Dianne Mathieson

Watched you on TV question time this week and wondered where you researched information on both Westminster and Scottish Parliaments on their performance for Scotland? Would like to research it for myself too. You are a great author and I have been reading your books for many years. Thank you. ... See MoreSee Less

1 day ago

James Wilson Mitchell

Hello Val,

With reference to recent TV show...

fully agree about legalise drugs, tax them control them and make changes that should have been done 30 years ago

I am a retired Police Officer who served all my service in Grampain and due to my outspoken opinions I was invited to West Bell Street Dundee way bay in 2000 to join a high ranking meeting in relation to drug abuse in our Aberdeenshire area.

While serving in Aboyne 30 miles west of Aberdeen we all gathered at Ballater to see cannabis resin. In the following 15 years I was directly involved in detecting large hauls of Class A drugs and I passed on my thoughts on how to deal with this. Drugs are only worth money as they are illegal and sought after to divide up to gain extra income. A simple way forward is to legalise these items and have them controlled in a hotel like premises which is fully secure so that users can either continue with the habit or take assistance and get clean and back to normal life.

All very simple and there needs to be massive changes as to how the public are taken away from drug users as all bad people .. We have now seen 45 years of this scourge in societies throughout the world and serious steps need to be taken to see changes which improve day to day life for so many.

Jim Mitchell
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2 days ago

Val McDermid

We're thrilled that How The Dead Speak is officially a Sunday Times bestseller in paperback! 🥂
Have you had chance to read it yet?

The perfect weekend read, you can get yourself a copy here: amzn.to/2vwXXwZ
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Were thrilled that How The Dead Speak is officially a Sunday Times bestseller in paperback! 🥂
Have you had chance to read it yet?

The perfect weekend read, you can get yourself a copy here: https://amzn.to/2vwXXwZ


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Had it on my kindle for ages but saving it for my holiday in 3 weeks can't wait, just love Tony and Carol

Love your books Just need to know if Carole and Tony ever get together Im just on The Retribution..lovin it!!!!! Thank you Val

Oh, yes. I read my favorite authors’ current books at the library, then I wait and buy the paperback.

Read it as soon as it came out...as I do with all your fantastic books. Been a fan for years!

I love this series so much! ☺️ Val, you’re an absolute genius and the world is Tony and Carol is amazing!

It went too fast. I'm re-reading it now. Best Tony and Carol story to date.

Finished it long ago-waiting for the next is hard!!!! Fantastic, love it

Not surprised- fabulous book again. Well deserved

I've just started reading Val's works, I live in Argentina so it's on kindle. Why on earth have I left it so long. If Rankin is the king of Tartan Noir, then Ms McDermid is the queen.

I am waiting for it in Canada. Love Tony and Carol.

Loved it - best of the series so far! Looking forward to many more!!!!

I'm nearly half way through it!

Next book on my reading list 😁

this is such a great book!

Just bought it to read...

Got it but not read it yet, can't wait


Just bought it not read it yet but csnt wait!

Got my copy today.

Bought this on Monday

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3 days ago

Mark Needham

An idealistic view and obviously something to aspire to, but realistically? Scotland should be ou bench line, and be a forerunner. You may never know, you may even get a referendum if you can demonstrate actually having an electorate or, heaven forbid, populous who have forgotten the last eight hundred years. I'm from an immigrant background born to an English bass player in a chart tipping band, a son to someone suffering from postnatal depression not diagnosed in the 60s... ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Vivien Burnett

Elly Griffiths already wrote about the peat bogs and their many surprises. ... See MoreSee Less

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