Real-life concerns of scientists inspire Val McDermid drama on deadly outbreak…

Val McDermkd took part in a workshop with scientists & medical experts before writing the Radio 4 thriller “Resistance.”


Leading Scottish crime writer Val McDermid has written a new BBC drama about an apocalyptic epidemic – based on the real-life concerns of scientists.

Their concerns about the rise of antiobiotic resistance across the planet will be replayed out in the Radio serial about a mystery illness which engulfs a music festival.

McDermid took part in a two-day workshop attended by scientists, academics, writers and radio producers which she says left her “profoundly shocked.” Sally Davies, the chief medical officer for England, was among those to give a presentation,

Fife-born author McDermid, who is best known for her series of books on the criminal psychologist Tony Hill, pitched the idea of an “uncontrollable epidemic.”

Gina McKee, star of Our Friends in the North and Notting Hill, plays a journalist caught up in the outbreak when she attends the music festival in the north-east of England.
The three-part serial, Resistance, will be broadcast on 3, 10 and 17 March on Radio 4.

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  1. Peter McIver
    Mar 03, 2017 @ 15:22:49

    I only heard the last half of this great play and look forward to the subsequent episodes (I’ll listen to the while first one on catchup). I just wish these things were aired three days on the trot as I never remember the next time they’re on – I set my phone to remind me this time.


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