Scots celebrities still can’t take solace from gay rights legislation…

I AM nearly gay. I love musical theatre, the company of women and Barbra Streisand (although not Judy Garland, so technically I’m not a friend of Dorothy.) I love melodramas, am borderline obsessive about matching up exact socks and always iron my underpants.

Now, before the righteous start to sniff a little homophobia in this opener it has to be said the above description of my closeness to the same sex appreciation society comes from the colleague and gay chum who sits next to me (and interestingly, doesn’t conform to any of the stereotypes.)

However, the reason for stating my gay credentials (gay friends; gay tennis partner, holidaying with gay pal – and I have been snogged by a gay man) – is not to curry pink favour but to limit possible discredit upon addressing the state of gay Scotland.

Last night, BBC2 screened, Against the Law, the story of journalist Peter Wildeblood who in 1957 admitted he was homosexual and was awarded 18 months in the pokey for his honesty. The drama was released to coincide with the anniversary of England’s legalisation of homosexuality in 1967.

But what of Scotland? We have been able to claim the higher ground by legalising gay marriage in 2014. And we’ve taken to task those who refuse to open their boarding house doors to men who wish to share a bed, (not in an innocent Morecambe and Wise manner).

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