“Sorry, people, you chose the wrong Agatha Christie”

agathaportraitWednesday 2 September 2015 15.17 BST
The Guardian

And Then There Were None is a fine book, but in its perfect construction and sly wit The Murder at the Vicarage shows the crime writer at her very best…

The people have spoken. The verdict is in. And Then There Were None has been voted the world’s favourite Agatha Christie novel.

As a fervent believer in democracy I hate to say this, but the world has got it wrong. Yes, the winning title is clever, cunning and compelling. But it’s too improbable for me. It’s the kind of locked-room mystery that I can admire but not love.

my vote still goes to The Murder at the Vicarage

When it comes to the best Christie, as opposed to the most popular, my vote still goes to The Murder at the Vicarage, the novel that introduces the estimable Miss Marple. Written at the height of Christie’s powers, it’s perfectly constructed, packed with red herrings and smart sub-plots; it’s shot through with sly humour; and it’s full of characters who may be stereotypical but whose motivations and responses we recognise, often with a wry smile.

It’s possible I may be biased in my assessment, for it was The Murder at the Vicarage that made me a crime writer.

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