The Kraken Wakes

Join the BBC Philharmonic for a rare chance to see a radio drama recorded for BBC Radio 4!


Join the BBC Philharmonic and BBC Radio 4 for radio drama The Kraken Wakes. This modern retelling of John Wyndham’s 1953 apocalyptic novel is adapted by crime writer and radio dramatist Val McDermid and stars Tamsin Greig, Paul Higgins and Richard Harrington.

This is a rare chance to see a radio drama recorded for Radio 4 with a live orchestral accompaniment from the BBC Philharmonic.


Composer Alan Edward Williams has created a brand new orchestral score that will ‘play the part’ of the great sea monster during the performance.

The Kraken Wakes will be recorded as a live performance in two parts. The drama will then be broadcast later in the year on BBC Radio 4.

Tickets will be allocated via random draw with 30% of the tickets going to Salford postcodes and 70% going to the rest of the UK.

You can register at any time until 11pm on Sunday 27 December.

You can apply for a maximum of two tickets.

CLICK HERE to go to the BBC webpage to apply.

Good luck!

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