Val McDermid: “Only a matter of time” until Scotland independent

It is “a matter of time” until Scotland becomes an independent country, crime writer and Yes supporter Val McDermid has declared.

The author said many of those who voted No during last year’s independence referendum were “feeling pretty profoundly betrayed” by events following the historic ballot.

Ms McDermid made the comments during a session with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, drawing heckles from a few audience members.

Ms Sturgeon, a self-confessed “fan girl” of crime fiction, was asking the author about her writing, including her latest novel Splinter the Silence at the sold out event.

It did not take long before the subject of the referendum was raised.
The politician said she had been struck by references to the September 2014 vote in Ms McDermid’s book The Skeleton Road, written in the run-up to the ballot.

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