Booked for MurderBooked for Murder

‘Murder, she felt fairly sure, was not the kind of “Purpose of Visit” calculated to speed her through immigration.’ Why would anyone want to kill Penny Varnavides, bestselling author of the “Teen Dreams” series?

It couldn’t have been the freak accident it first appeared — Penny’s death was an exact replica of the murder method in her forthcoming book. Apart from Penny, only three people knew the plot: her literary agent, her editor and her ex-girlfriend Meredith.

In tribute to her friendship with Penny, Lindsay Gordon agrees to investigate. Reluctantly she leaves her Californian haven for the fraught world of London book publishing. And as her investigation reveals an incendiary mixture of soured relationships and seething rivalries, Lindsay must face the frightening truth. Someone in Penny’s literary or love life must have been driven to murder…

Series: Lindsay Gordon Series
UK Publisher: Women’s Press
Literary agent: David Higham Associates
Publication date UK: 01 November 1996

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The writing is tough and colourful, the scene setting excellent.

— Times Literary Supplement

Has the reader gripped from the first page, both moody and hilarious and thoroughly unpredictable.

— Tribune

Compulsive reading”

— Herald

Funny and scary by turns, always sharp.

— Daily Telegraph

The macho world of the whodunnit has never seen a sleuth like Lindsay Gordon..

— Manchester Evening News

There’s a vividness and energy to this tale that makes it satisfying and convincing.

— The Washington Post

McDermid not only keeps you guessing but keeps you interested.

— Sunday Telegraph

There are wisecracks galore and the whole ends on a high note. This is terrific fun.

— The Independent

Tough, exciting, moody and unpredictable.

— The Times

An ultra-cunning denouement.

— The Scotsman

Full marks for plot, atmosphere, character, dialogue, politics, humour Oh hell, full marks for just about everything. I don’t know how Val does it, but I’m bloody glad she does.

— Crime Time

Fun at all levels.

— Evening Standard

You don’t have to be a feminist to enjoy this well-crafted caper.

— Publisher’s Weekly

McDermid excels at describing a world of jealousies and backbiting.

— Romantic Times

Val McDermid