Kendall & Cooper talk mysteries with Val McDermid…

(Published on 21 Nov 2017)

Ian Rankin and Val McDermid put questions to each other and it’s priceless…

(26 September 2017)

It’s The Fun Lovin’ Crimewriters!

(26 September 2017)

BBC Artsnight: Val McDermid (Series 3, Episode 10)

(22 August 2016)


Val McDermid with Nicola Sturgeon at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2015

(7 March 2016)


Val McDermid reading and in conversation at #BritLitBerlin 2016

(8 February 2016)


The Magic of Forensics

(20 June 2015)

Where you see an innocuous wheel brace, Val McDermid sees a murder weapon, motive and killer plotline. Val has been keeping people on the edge of their seat for the past 25 years, presiding as one of the UK’s top crime writers, elevating the suspense genre to high art. Her endless reinventions of the genre have provoked shock and plaudits from critics across the world.

Most recently, she’s turned her attention to the history of forensics and the real-life stories underpinning her creations. She traces the science all the way back to the investigation of a multiple stab-wound in ancient China through to the first autopsy performed by Julius Caesar. Here, Val takes us through science’s grisliest footnotes.


Bestselling author Val McDermid takes part in ‘whereiwrite’

(28 June 2014)

JK Rowling (Robert Galbraith) in conversation with Val McDermid at Harrogate International Festival 2014

(1 December 2014)

Val talks to Christine Hamilton about her latest novel ‘Cross and Burn’ and her recent writings such as her adaptation of ‘Northanger Abbey’

(29 May 2014)

Wordfactory Salon #24 presents Val McDermid reading ‘The Road and the Miles to Dundee’

Introduced by Cathy Galvin.

(28 June 2014)

Val McDermid's Wire In The Blood Series Continues…

Crime writer and former tabloid reporter Val McDermid has written 30 books, including recently one for children.

But it is her novels featuring characters Tony Hill and Carol Jordan, which she is best known for, after they were adapted for ITV’s Wire in the Blood series. Cross and Burn is the latest and eighth book in the series. McDermid tells the BBC's Nick Higham how she often has to “re-group” in between her Wire in the Blood novels by writing other stories. (10 October 2013)

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The Center For Fiction – CFA Master Class: Val McDermid…

Recorded on 2 October 2012 Published on October 19, 2012. Author Val McDermid talks about growing up in Fife on the East Coast of Scotland and her early trips to her local library. Val goes on to talk about how she became a writer and describes the writing process.

(October 19, 2012)

Kobo In Conversation – Val Mcdermid

Kobo in conversation: Author Val McDermid talks with author and journalist Paula Todd about her latest novel The Vanishing Point, plus publicity, celebrity and the future of books.

(15 October 2012 )

Val Mcdermid: Women Write Violence Better Than Men

Val McDermid, the best-selling lesbian crime novelist, talks about why women write better violence and where she got the inspiration for her new book, The Vanishing Point.

(2 October 2012 )