Final EditionFinal Edition (‘Open And Shut’ In US )

When she returns from a self-imposed exile in Italy, journalist Lindsay Gordon finds her world turned upside down. The lover she thought would wait for her has found a new partner; an ex-lover has been murdered; and a former colleague has been jailed for the crime.

But some disagree with the jury’s verdict and soon Lindsay is embroiled in an investigation involving blackmail, stolen government documents and the vested interests of a group of people determined to keep her from finding the truth. And when she does finally face the answer to the question, ‘Who killed Alison Maxwell?’ Lindsay is confronted with the hardest choice of her life.

Series: Lindsay Gordon Series
UK Publisher: Women’s Press
Literary agent: David Higham Associates
Publication date UK: 1991

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Move over Morse… a refreshing detective story.

— New Woman

McDermid cannot write an uninteresting sentence.

— The Women’s Review of Books

Her real skills in creating compelling characters, as well as a mystery that is profoundly twisted and filled with enough legitimate red herrings to stock Fisherman’s Wharf, blossom in this dark, chilling novel.

— Bay Area Reporter

Val McDermid