Hostage to MurderHostage to Murder

Spraining an ankle is rarely a stroke of luck, but for Lindsay Gordon, jobless in Glasgow, the injury is her introduction to young freelance journalist Rory McLaren and the opening of a new chapter in her life. Rory’s invitation to work alongside her in her booth at the Cafe Virginia is irresistible.

From there it is just a short step to political corruption and other juicy stories–all welcome distractions from Lindsay’s problems at home, where her long-term lover Sophie has decided to heed the ticking of her biological clock and get pregnant. But when a local car dealer’s stepson is kidnapped, Lindsay and Rory are invited to trade journalism for detection. The trail leads them to St. Petersburg and a dangerous snatch-back operation. It’s a journey that brings a whole new dimension of risk into Lindsay’s life. Back in Glasgow, it becomes clear that Lindsay and Rory have stumbled into a bigger, more violent piece of business than either of them could have guessed–and one which will test Lindsay to her absolute limits. Hostage to Murder, the long-awaited sixth Lindsay Gordon mystery, is a lightning-paced story spliced with crackling action and an intense emotional dimension.

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Series: Lindsay Gordon Series
UK Publisher: Harper Collins
Literary agent: David Higham Associates
Publication date UK: 03 November 2003

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Neatly constructed and splendidly sarcastic.

— Daily Telegraph

The writing is tough and colourful, the scene setting excellent.

— Times Literary Supplement

There are wisecracks galore and the whole ends on a high note. This is terrific fun.

— Independent

McDermid not only keeps you guessing but keeps you interested.

— Sunday Telegraph

Val McDermid