My Granny is a Pirate

My Granny is a Pirate Book Cover

Series: A Book For Children
UK Publisher: Orchard Books

Publication date UK: 5 July 2012

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My Granny is a Pirate

Publishing date in UK: – 5 January 2012

My Granny is a Pirate

My granny is a pirate!
She’s sailed the seven seas.
She captured many pirate ships
But was always home for tea.

When a family secret about Granny is revealed, we discover all about her fiercesome pirate reputation and her swashbuckling ways – from making other rogueish pirates walk the plank to singing sea shanties to her dog, Jolly Roger.

Look again at your granny…could she be a pirate too?

A must-have book for all pirate fans.

Val McDermid