…A Graphic Novel

A gritty, dark tale of infectious disease gone wrong – the timely graphic novel from Sunday Times-bestselling author Val McDermid.

Resistance - Book cover

Series: Graphic Novel
UK Publisher: Wellcome Collection
Literary agent: David Higham Associates
Publication date UK: 20 May 2021

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Resistance – A Graphic Novel

Hardcover – Publication date: 20 May 2021

Resistance – Synopsis:

It’s the summer solstice weekend and 150,000 people descend on a farm in the north-east of England for an open-air music festival. At first, a spot of rain seems to be the only thing dampening the fun – until a mystery bug appears. Before long, the illness is spreading at an electrifying speed and seems resistant to all antibiotics. Can journalist Zoe Meadows track the outbreak to its source, and will a cure be found before the disease becomes a pandemic?

A heart-racing thriller, ‘Resistance’ imagines a nightmare pandemic that seems only too credible in the wake of Covid-19. Number-one bestseller and queen of crime Val McDermid has teamed up with illustrator Kathryn Briggs to create a masterful graphic novel.

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‘A brilliant and timely story, told with McDermid’s verve, style and passion. I couldn’t stop turning the pages, even when I could barely take the tension. Wonderful.’

Denise Mina

Val McDermid