The Kraken Wakes…

Nicola Sturgeon spreads calm after alien attack in BBC Radio 4 adaptation…

Scottish first minister and SNP leader will play herself in crime writer Val McDermid’s take on John Wyndham’s science fiction novel The Kraken Wakes.

Val McDermid, the Scottish independence-supporting author, has put Scotland in charge of the remains of the UK in a new adaptation for the BBC which gives first minister Nicola Sturgeon a role playing herself.

It’s a wee bit of fun, but it’s rooted in the reality of the situation

Val McDermid

Crime writer McDermid moved the action of John Wyndham’s classic 1953 science fiction novel The Kraken Wakes from North Yorkshire to Scotland and gave Sturgeon a part calmly broadcasting instructions to the survivors of an alien invasion in her adaptation for Radio 4.
The BBC insisted that the dramatisation of The Kraken Wakes was delayed until after the Scottish parliamentary elections on 5 May as it feared accusations of bias.

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